Urban Decay

14th Stree Docks

A few weeks ago I attended a party on the waterfront near my house. It was night time and the lighting and cloud conditions were just right for some excellent surrealist photography. The subject matter (an old, decaying dock) wasn’t half bad either, and the photos turned out very well. These are certainly some of the best that I have taken so far.

Indian Summer

Boy, time sure does pass quickly. Looking back at the timestamps on my blog entries, I was maintaining a good pace of posting once or more per month, but that trend seems to have been interrupted. I guess there haven’t been any large updates in my life to blog about, but that’s not to say that the last month and a half have not been interesting. On the contrary, I think that these past few months have been some of the most enjoyable, contented time I’ve have in my life. After a year of living here in California, I think I’ve finally hit my stride — I’m feel like I’ve established a routine that includes work, relaxation, and exercise; found a group of friends (both old and new) who I spend time with, and I feel like I have a plan for the next few years of my life. It’s still a work in progress, but things are stationary enough that I can set deeper roots and really plug into activities and communities here.

Although I haven’t been on any major photo-taking trips, I have done a number of smaller jaunts out and around the bay area. A few weeks ago Jen organized a trip to Monteray Bay to do some sea kayaking, and I have a few photos (mostly from the day before — sea water and my camera don’t go well together). I have also been to a few of the summer events in the city itself. Events like love fest (aka love parade — apparently they didn’t get the licensing issues worked out early enough to use the real name) was a fun spectacle. Picture a string of 40 floats, each with their own sound system and particular style of electronic music driving down the main street in the city. This all culminates in an audio traffic jam as the floats pull up and park in front of city hall. Not as crazy as some parties that are held on the streets of the city, or so I’m told, but folks were dressed up and having a lot of fun, nonetheless. Of course there were some participants like this guy who chose a more serious, intense interpretation of the event…

The weather over the past few weeks has been warm and pleasant without any of the characteristic fog that lingers through most of the summer months — a true Indian Summer. But even as I’m writing this, the weather is changing and the first hints of rain are starting to appear. Soon the rain will begin in earnest and Winter will have truly begun. The passage of daylight savings time is always a signal to me that I’m entering into the dark winter period. This year I welcome it, because I anticipate getting many things done while the sun is more fleeting. I hope that you all find productivity and focus this season, as well as friends, family, and good times when the holidays arrive.