Raging Madness IV… one year late

Post processing photos in Lightroom can take a long time, but I generally try to proceed sequentially and take no more than about a month to move through the stack. However, these photos have been sitting on my hard drive for about a year now and it is long past time for them to be posted. So without further ado, here are the Raging Madness 2006 photos for our trip last year to Green River, Utah. (BTW - if you are interested, you can find more photos from other folks at Nick’s Web site).

For those of you who don’t know, Raging Madness is an annual outdoors trip where twelve of us head out to a superlative outdoor locale for a week-long escape from civilization. Past years have featured trips to Sequoia National Park, the Lost Coast, and Escalante National Monument. We generally stick with backpacking trips, but this year we opted instead for a canoeing adventure in the canyons of southern Utah.

It turns out that canoes really change the equation when it comes to what you bring on the trip. For one thing, the food this year was extravagant and much more delicious the the average backpacking fare. With coolers to keep meat fresh and a Dutch Oven for cooking, we were fed everything from apple pie to steak. For drinks, we actually had a full keg of Full Sail Amber Ale in a bucket of ice on one of the canoes. This led to (1) crazy docking maneuvers between the boats on the river so that we could refill our glasses with beer (with subsequent toasts), (2) looks of disbelief from strangers who we encountered on the river and offered fresh, cold beer, and (3) frequent stops on the side of the river for snacks and the afternoon nap.

The canyon itself was stunning, and grew deeper in deeper as a we proceeded onward. We had many side canyons to explore, and several good campsites along the way. Our final campsite was of the bottom of Water Canyon, one of the largest side canyons and the only point on the trip where we encountered clean running water. This was the highlight of the trip — we spent one full day exploring the many wonders of Water Canyon. A small group of us also made out of the canyon up into the Maze District
of Canyonlands National Park, which is just about the coolest place I’ve ever been.

All of all it was a fantastic trip, and the great part of it is that I’ve procrastinated with these photos for so long that the next Raging Madness is coming up in just a few months!