Summer… was… intense!

Wow! Another eight months has gone by with no updates to the ol’ blog. No surprise, really… summer in California is always a very busy time for me, and this summer was no exception. Fortunately everything is busy in a good way — I think that rich or intense would be the correct words.

At work, we had one of the most amazing collection of summer interns so far in my time at Ames. They each did phenomenal work that has helped to propel our software forward in a number of areas. The algorithms and technologies we’re using for 3D surface reconstruction from stereo imagery are growing more and more sophisticated and we understand the statistical underpinnings of the problem, and some very large pieces of infrastructure for “bundle adjusting” large collections of images (that is, jiggling around the images until they all line up perfectly) are now working on some production data sets. Thank to Zach, Sasha, Morgon, Tony, and Melissa for all of your great help this summer!

In between extremely busy work-weeks were equally busy weekends full of climbing and hiking trips, yoga retreats, festivals, house parties, and assorted other adventures with friends. It’s hard not to thrive in an environment such as this where communities and friendly people are plentiful and welcoming. However, despite all of the fun I had, I have to say that I’m feeling ready for fall and winter. Things will settle down just a bit and I can spend more time at home working on personal projects, reading books, and cooking good food. Speaking of books, I’m currently reading The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes, which I highly recommend if you are interested in the history of 20th century science and the discovery of the atom.

This summer culminated in a trip to Burning Man which, once again, was a highlight of the year. This came shortly after a trip to Yellowstone National Park — a beautiful place for backpacking, though I recommend steering around mosquito season(!) You can check out pictures from those trips (and other assorted adventures) on my new flickr page. (I’ll be posting there from now on because the community features of that site simply can’t be matched by the venerable old gallery software on this site.)

More updates as events warrant…